CoQun Eye Drops *** SALE *** 50% OFF - SHORT EXPIRY NOVEMBER 2020

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CoQun Eye Drops 

*** SALE *** 50% OFF - SHORT EXPIRY NOVEMBER 2020 ***

COQUN is an anti-oxidant Eye Drop containing Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and Vitamin E-TPGS.

COQUN is a complementary treatment to glaucoma therapy.

COQUN helps protect Retinal Nerve layer Ganglion Cells by providing additional CoQ10 directly to the cells.

The Co-enzyme Q10 in COQUN provides the cells with additional energy and antioxidant protection.

Helps prevent Retinal Ganglion Cell death


Can be used while wearing contact lenses.

Please note that COQUN is NOT a replacement for pressure lowering (antihypertensive) glaucoma drops.

It is important to wait ten minutes after applying prescription pressure lowering drops before applying COQUN.

Expiry: November 2020


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