Delta Multipack

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Delta Multipack

The Delta RGP System consists of specially formulated Delta daily cleaner and Delta Disinfecting, Soaking and Wetting multipurpose solution (DSW), compatible with all gas permeable materials.

Delta Daily Cleaner

  • Optimally blended preservative free cleaner containing anionic and amphoteric surfactants.

  • Effective cleaning and removal of proteins and lipids from the lens surface.

  • Specially designed non-abrasive formula reducing the risk of lens damage.

  • 90 days discard date.

Delta Plus DSW

Multi Functional

Delta Plus DSW disinfects lubricates soaks and wets.

Enhanced Comfort

Contains poloxamer specially formulated to coat the lens making it more comfortable by reducing lens-lid interactions.


Delta Plus DSW is compatible with all RGP material types.


Delta Plus DSW has excellent lens disinfection performance.


Mulipack contains

3 x 20ml Delta Daily Cleaner

3 x 100ml Delta Plus Disinfecting Soaking & Wetting Solution

1 x Soaking Case

1 x Illustrated Patient leaflet


Expiry: February 2023

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