Emustil Eye Drops

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Emustil Eye Drops 

Emustil provides oil for the tears - our natural tears contain very small droplets of oil, that forms a small film on the tears surface.  This prevents tears from evaporating away so quickly.

In some people the oily layer is deficient and tears evaporate away far quicker than they should, leading to a a type of Dry Eye known as Evaporative Dry Eye.

Emustil contains Soybean oil.

Can be used for any type of Dry Eye but is particularly indicated for those who've been diagnosed with Meiboiman Gland Dysfunction.

Expiry Date July 2020
Pack Size 20 Vials p/pack
Preservative Free Yes
Suitable for Contact Lens Wearers Yes
Active Ingredients Soybean Oil & Phospholipids

* Please note that Emustil eye drops are cloudy in the packaging and when being squeezed into the eye.  This is because the drops are minute oil particles suspended in water.

Vision can be slightly blurry for a minute or two when the drops first go in. Both vision and the drops will clear after a few minutes of rapid blinking to spread the drops. 

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