EyeBag Instant Hot Compresses

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EyeBag Instant Hot Eye Compresses

Instant heat - no microwave required !

  • Great for travelling or for those who don't have a microwave
  • Convenient hygienic single use disposable masks
  • Relief and comfort for dry eye and blepharitis


Directions for use:

Remove the mask from the sachet when you are ready to use - the mask is air activated and will begin to heat immediately, reaching optimum temperature in 2-3 minutes.

Loop it over your ears and leave in place for 10 minutes, allowing the heat to release your natural oils and relieve your symptoms.

Remove the EyeBag® Instant and use the massage technique as you would if you were using the MGDRx EyeBag®. Once the EyeBag® Instant has returned to room temperature, dispose of it in normal household waste.

Pack size: 4 individual masks

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