Happy Animal-Shaped Glasses Case for Kids

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Animal-Shaped Glasses Case for Children - Happy

How could your child not be happy about wearing glasses when they get to store them in one of these bright, colourful children’s glasses cases !

They have so many options too; choose from a red or green frog, or a blue or purple hippo – whichever animal and colour your child connects with the most!

The textured novelty spectacle case features a bright coordinating zip, so that you can be confident in the knowledge that the glasses won’t fall out when your child is not with you.

Meanwhile, your child will take extra care to look after their glasses as they will want to keep their animal friend safe too!

    • Textured children's case
    • Frog or Hippo shape designs
    • Zippered closure
    • Available in red, blue, green and purple
    • Size 160x65x55mm
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