Naviblef Intensive Care Eyelid Foam

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Naviblef Intensive Care Eyelid Foam

NaviBlef Intensive Care is a foam formulation containing Tea Tree Oil intended for hygiene and the mechanical removal of severe ocular secretions and debris from eyelashes and eyelids.

NaviBlef Intensive Care may be used to remove severe secretions from the eyelids and eyelashes caused by the following conditions:

  • Blepharitis
  • Blepharoconjunctivitis
  • Inflammation of the eyelids
  • Ocular secretions
  • Dry, scratched and irritated eyes
  • Demodex infestation

NaviBlef Intensive Care can help reduce the risk of infections caused by bacteria and Demodex present on eyelids and eyelashes, also before and after surgery.

NaviBlef Intensive Care is a non-greasy and non-irritant formulation, for topical use.

NaviBlef Intensive Care may be used 2-3 times a day for a period between 7 and 14 days, for maximum efficacy. See package insert for full instructions for use.

NaviBlef Intensive Care comes in the form of 50 ml bottle with foam dispenser.

Bottle Size: 50ml

How to use

1. Before the application of the foam, wash your hands and then clean fingertips with Naviblef Intensive Care
2. Press the delivery pump and place the foam on the clean fingertips. When used before or after surgery it is recommended to place the foam on sterile gauze. 
3. Close eyes and gently massage the eyelids and eyelashes with the foam. Do not touch or open the eyes during the application. Leave the foam for at least 3 - 5 minutes.
4. After each application rinse the eyelashes and eyelids with warm water.

Repeat the same steps for the other eye.

Repeat this treatment 2-3 times a day for a period between 7 - 14 days for maximum efficiency.


D-Panthenol, Aloe Vera, Taurine, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree Oil), Anthemis Nobilis (Camomile E.O.), Aroma Camomile and Purified Water. 

Expiry date: January 2021
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