Purific Natural Sanitising Water - 50ml

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Purific Natural Sanitising Water - 50ml

Purific is an achohol free santising water that is virtually odourless and leaves no smears or need to wipe or rinse.

It is safe enough to be used from birth and is gentle on sensitive skin.

Suitable for contact lens cases, work surfaces, equipment, items that touch food or the mouth and for unsupervised use by children

Key Information  


Make sure your hands are clean before spraying to handle food


Avoid storing in direct sunlight.
Keep in a cool place below 25 degrees C or in a refrigerator.
Do not mix with other products/chemicals.
Do not transfer the contents into other containers.

Do not substitute for drinking water.
Can corrode aluminium and aluminium alloy surfaces.
Do not use as a medicine.
Do not use for storing or rinsing contact lenses.

Expiry Dates

February 2021




Hypoclorous Acid


50 ml bottle

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