Eye Logic (formerly Clarymist)

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Eye Logic Dry Eye Spray 

  • The ideal dry eye treatment for those who don't like putting drops into their eyes

  • Simply spray onto your closed eyes

  • The fine particles of the spray solution seep into the tear film through the small gap between your closed eye lids

  • The liposomes in the spray float on the surface of the tears to reduce tear evaporation

  • Ideal for contact lens wearers

  • Compatible with make - up and contact lenses

​** Eye Logic was previously known as Clarymist **
Size:  10 ml
Can be used up to 6 months after opening.



Soy lecithin, Sodium chloride, Ethanol, Vitamin A palmitate, Vitamin E (tocopherol), Phenoxyethanol:


How to use

Simply spray onto the CLOSED eyelids:
1) Hold the applicator about 10cm from eyes (20cm if wearing makeup) 
2) Close eyes 
3) Spray once or twice on each eye
** Can be used on top of make-up **
As long as the spray is held the recommended distance away, makeup won't run 




What happens if I accidentally spray Eye Logic™ directly into an open eye ? 

You may experience some slight discomfort but this will quickly fade and will not cause damage or long-term irritation. However, we recommend spraying Eye Logic™ eye spray onto a closed eyelid. If you are hypersensitive to phenoxyethanol, then it is advised that you do not use Eye Logic™ eye spray. 


Eye make-up: Can I use Eye Logic™ eye spray if I am wearing eye make-up?

It is preferable to use Eye Logic™ eye spray while no eye make-up is worn. However, if the need to apply Eye Logic™ eye spray arises when make-up is being worn, then we recommend applying from a larger distance of approximately 20cm. This should prevent the make-up running. Remember not to rub Eye Logic™ eye spray into the eyelids. There are no known allergic reactions between Eye Logic™ eye spray and make-up or cosmetics.


Contact lenses: Can I use Eye Logic™ eye spray while wearing my contact lens?

Yes. Wearing contact lens can often lead to dry eyes by disturbing the lipid layer of the eye, resulting in increased tear evaporation. Using Eye Logic™ eye spray has no known adverse effect on contact lens.


Durability: How long can Eye Logic™ eye spray be used after opening of the bottle?

Life of product is 3 years after opening.


Does Eye Logic ™ eye spray Smell?

Eye Logic™ eye spray has a slight inherent smell of lecithin (phospholipids), which disappears very quickly after application. We do not seek to eliminate this smell as this may reduce the performance of Eye Logic™ eye spray.


Why does the Eye Logic™ eye spray stop working before the bottle is completely empty?

For technical reasons the bottle cannot be emptied completely. The standpipe does not reach to the very bottom of the bottle, as this could affect the spray. However, all Eye Logic™ eye spray bottles are "over-filled" to ensure that consumers can use at least 10ml.

Expiry: August 2021

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