Hycosan Shield

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Hycosan Shield


Unique lipid layer replacement for he management of evaporative dry eye

For Moderate to Severe Dry Eyes

Evaporative dry eyes are caused by an unstable of deficient lipid layer of the tear film that affects almost 90% of dry eye sufferers.

  • Replaces the outer lipid layer of the tear film creating a shield
  • Helps to indirectly re-establish the tearfilm aqueous layer by preventing evaportaion
  • Increases tearfilm thinckness as well as lipid layer thickness over time
  • Convenient 3ml bottle for use on the go 
Key Information Answer
Expiry Date April 2023
Pack Size 3ml  (280 drops per bottle)
Preservative Free Yes
Suitable for Contact Lens Wearers No
Ingredients Perfluorohexyloctane



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