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Hylo-Night - The new name of VitA-POS Dry Eye Ointment

Contains vitamin A to aid overnight regeneration of the cornea and conjunctiva 

Vitamin A is part of the natural tear film and is required for normal growth of corneal epithelium 

Remains in the eye for up to 6 hours, enabling optimal protection throughout the night 

Helps prevent painful eyes on waking and reduces crust formation around the eyes


Preservative free & phosphate free 

300 applications in one 5g tube

Stays sterile for 6 months from opening 

Suitable for adults and children 

Can be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding



Hylo-Night is ointment based and therefore slightly greasy. It will smear contact lenses so please ensure you take out your lenses before using Hylo-Night and wait for at least 15 minutes after treatment before putting them back. 

Size: 5g Tube

 Expiry: January 2023

How to use

Apply a small strand of Hylo-Nightalong the lid into the conjunctival sac every day before going to bed.
Do not allow the tip of the tube to touch the eye.
Do not use with contact lenses
Allow at least 15 minutes to elapse before inserting any contact lenses



Soft white paraffin
Retinol palmitate 138 mcg/g (equivalent to 250 IU/g Vitamin A
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