Progent by Menicon Contact Lens Cleaner

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Menicon Progent  for Intensive Contact Lens Cleaning - 5 Dose Pack 

  • Use once a week to remove protein and other deposits from hard and gas permeable contact lenses
  • It also disinfects contact lenses by killing bacteria, viruses Ancanthamoeba and other organisms 
  • Fast cleaning in only 30 minutes
  • Improves contact lens comfort 
  • Use in conjunction with Menicare Plus or Menicare Pure

      IMPORTANT: Rinse off all Progent thoroughly and soak in your usual daily lens disinfecting solution before re-inserting lenses in your eyes  

      Expiry Date June 2022
      Pack Size 5 Doses
      Preservative Free No
      Lens Type Suitability Hard, Gas Permeable
      Ingredients Solution A: NaCIO 20.30mg, Purified Water ad 5ml/dose Solution B: KBr 30.75mg, Purified Water ad 5ml/dose
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