Menicon Progent x 3 Boxes

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Progent by Menicon Intensive Contact Lens Cleaner

5 Dose Pack  

Improve lens life and comfort of hard and gas permeable contact lenses by soaking them weekly in this extra strong contact lens cleaner which dissolves deposits of the surface of lenses.

It also disinfects lenses - kills bacteria in only 5 minutes.

Strong and fast disinfection also against Ancanthamoeba , mould, yeast, viruses, cysts and  trophozoites

Rinse off all Menicon Progent and then soak in Menicare Plus or Menicare Pure before re-inserting


Expiry Date August 2022
Pack Size 5 Doses
Preservative Free No
Lens Type Suitability Soft, Hard, Gas Permeable
Ingredients Solution A: NaCIO 20.30mg, Purified Water ad 5ml/dose Solution B: KBr 30.75mg, Purified Water ad 5ml/dose

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