Regard Contact Lens Solution 100ml

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Regard Contact Lens Solution 100ml



Disinfects and cleans like a multi-purpose solution, but unlike others, doesn’t have preservatives. 

Provides the same level of disinfection as a 3% peroxide system

Contains Pluronic F-68 a tensio-active surfactant cleaner, which ensures the lenses are maintained in pristine condition

Helps reduce the build-up of protein deposits -the solution has an overall negative ionic charge, which attracts the positively charged protein molecules away from the lens surface

Contains Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, a comfort drop, which can be used to rewet lenses at any time.

NO Peroxide bleach...So safe and gentle it can be poured directly into the eye !


  • Multipurpose Solution - use for cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting contact lenses
  • Preservative Free - reduces risk of irritation or allergy to the solution
  • Also removes the bacterial biofilm in contact lens cases - a hidden source of eye infection
  • Provides the same level of disinfection as a 3% hydrogen peroxide but is much safer - no separate neutralising is required
  • Removes protein
  • Contains a moisturising agent to increase comfort and reduce dryness

Once opened, a bottle of Regard remains usable for 90 days and lenses can be stored for up to 30 days before requiring further disinfection.

Key Information Answer
Expiry Date March 2021
Pack Size 1 x 100ml
Preservative Free Yes
Lens Type Suitability Soft
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