Regard K RGP Contact Lens Solution 120ml ** 20% OFF - SHORT EXPIRY - NOVEMBER 2020 **

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20% OFF - Short Expiry - November 2020

Regard K

RGP Contact Lens Solution

The excellent optical quality of contact lenses made from modern Rigid Gas Permeable materials requires an innovative solution that maintains lenses particularly clean and comfortable upon application.

Regard® K contains a non-abrasive cleaning agent that, after manual cleaning, continues to work in the lens case overnight, dissolving residual lipid and protein deposits without damaging delicate superficial lens treatments.

Regard K RGP provides for an extremely comfortable application with a protective conditioning film. Ocular health is respected due to the absence of preservatives in-the-eye.

Key Information Answer
Expiry Date November 2020
Pack Size 120ml
Preservative Free Yes
Lens Type Suitability Gas Permeable
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