Saline Solution - Lens Plus 120ml

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Lens Plus Saline - 120ml Bottle

Lens Plus Ocupure Saline is a rinsing and storage product for both soft and RGP contact lenses, which is easy on the eye and 100% effective.

  • Mimics the eye's natural properties
  • Removes impurities for comfortable wear
  • Gentle on sensitive eyes
  • Long lasting - up to 2 months

The Ocupure substance used in the Lens Plus Ocupure Saline Large has been found to have the same pH level as substances in the human eye. This allows your lenses to feel more natural in your eye, reducing the risk of irritation and offering a much more comfortable fit.

This handy bottle of saline solution is extremely useful for a multitude of tasks:

- rinsing contact lenses

- dissolving contact lens protein remover tablets

- general bathing of wounds and cuts

pH formulated to be close to natural tears, so minimal eye stinging

Expiry Date January 2022
Pack Size 120ml
Preservative Free Yes
Lens Type Suitability Soft, Hard, Gas Permeable
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